AspenLeather™ PU Leather Jackets for Women - Long Sleeve Casual Classic Womens Stylish Multi-Pocket Jacket for Travel Outwear Warm Winter

Style No.: PU W JKT MAROON-2

Price: 2999


PU Leather Jacket by AspenLeather

  The PU leather is soft, durable and warm enough for winter days. If you're looking for something you can layer up with, you may want to go a size larger than what you're used to wearing.

  Enhance your style statement and give yourself a dominance appearance with the courtesy of this handsomely crafted jacket renowned for its style aesthetic as much as its functionality. This absolutely classic PU Leather Jackets  For Women is nothing less than a superlative masterpiece that is crafted precisely to fulfill your fashion dream to look prominent and beat all others. 


PU Leather 

 Impeccable stitching around for its durability and resistance 

 Multiple Pockets

 Smooth and plain appearance has given this jacket a luxurious look

 Finest quality of stitching has been done across the shoulders, pockets, and cuffs by our artisans 

Leather Care: 

Hang your Leather Jacket after wearing so it holds the natural shape and lasts for many years in your wardrobe 

To prevent drying and cracking, you will need to condition your jacket. Rub a little bit of mink oil or leather conditioner into the Leather to prevent drying and cracking. 

 If you want to store women's leather jacket for an extensive duration then try to clean your jacket before moving it to storage.

Hang your Distressed brown leather jacket after wearing so it holds the natural shape and last for many years in your wardrobe

Warranty Description: 6 Months Domestic Warranty against Manufacturing Defects. Warranty Service Type: Customer needs to send the product to the Vendor in New Delhi. The Product will be rectified and send back to the Customer. This warranty shall be void if:

(1) The product is damaged due to misuse, abuse, physical mishandling or natural causes such as flood, fire, earthquake or other perils or

(2) Any repairs made by a person not authorized by AspenLeather to perform such repairs.

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